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Hello and welcome to Gymnastodon!
Here's some advice to help you get started!

First, give yourself an avatar picture, a screen name, and a bio. Tell us something about you!

Then look around a bit and follow some people! Look through your local timeline and federated timeline and see what interests you!

Then consider making your first toot! Make a post on the hashtag to introduce yourself, or jump right into your opinions on the latest gymnastics meet! 👁️

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Next, you'll probably want to download a mobile app!
For iOS, there Amaroq and Toot!
For Android, there's Tusky and Tootdon.

If you don't like the look of the default Mastodon interface, there are alternate front ends: has a very clean one column layout. looks a lot like twitter.

Finally, here's a very informative introduction post to Mastodon:

I'm at work so I can't watch Qualifications live but apparently China performed really well so I'm happy :)

Heads up, I'm about to upgrade mastodon to 2.9, there could be a little down time. I'll let you all know when I'm finished. :)

8 seniors and 34 juniors for US Classics... the senior field seems pretty small but I guess people are taking it easy before Nationals.

Here's a gif of my girl Flava Flav at Brazilian National Championships this weekend.

Hello world! Just trying to figure out how to be an admin over here!

Hello and welcome to Gymnastodon, the mastodon instance for gymnastics fans!