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Hello and welcome to Gymnastodon, the mastodon instance for gymnastics fans!

This server is still very new, so come with ideas about how we should run things!

How Does Mastodon Work?

There are many instances of mastodon that are run by people all over the world. This one, gymnastodon, is for people who are interested in gymnastics (although you can talk about anything on here, not just gym stuff!)

Different instances of mastodon (or other sites, like pleroma) connect to eachother through federation. You can follow or be followed by anyone that this server federates with!

There are a few different timelines you can look at to find people or content. First there's your federated timeline, with public posts from gymnastodon and anyone we federate with. Then there's your local timeline, for public posts just from other members of gymnastodon (so you'll definitely have at least one thing in common with them!) Then there's your home timeline, which is only people you follow.

When you make a post, you have a few options for who will see it. There's public, which means the post can be seen on the federated, the local, and your followers' home timelines. Then there's local-only, which posts to the gymnastodon local timeline and your followers, but not the federated one, There's also unlisted, which doesn't post to the local or federated, only your followers, but if someone looked at your profile they could see it. Followers-only is like unlisted but someone who is not following you can't see it by looking at your profile.

Ground Rules

Here are some ground rules to follow (pending a more detailed code of content upon further discussion within the community), generally just don't be a jerk.

This server will not accept content that endorses the following:

  • Misogyny or sexism
  • Racism or xenophobia
  • Homophobia or transphobia
  • Sexualizing gymnasts
  • Harassment of other users
  • Hate speech